Brass Palm

Brass Palm


We’re a little palm tree obsessed…. our large statement Brass Palm makes us feel all Tropical British Colonial style, like we’re sitting in a rattan armchair under a whirring ceiling fan, sipping on a gin cocktail…..

Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm

Please allow 1 week for this item to be shipped.

Inspired by motifs found in far-flung sun traps, our wall pieces are crafted from solid pure brass and are designed to add a sense of those golden warm holiday vibes to any room in which they’re placed.

Designed and made in NZ, each piece is hand-brushed to highlight the beautiful surface of the material. A light protective coating is applied to protect the surface from fingerprints but is a ‘living metal’ designed to age and patina naturally over time. Please see our care information for more info.

Each piece comes with brass spacers and instructions for wall mounting ( a drill will be needed)

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