Filtered Island Light- Alemagou, Mykonos


Images by Yiorgos Kordakis from Yatzer

Where to start for the very first journal entry at The Dust Co?
With a growing list of places and inspiration to share, the only place to begin is one that’s meaningful. So I chose a destination that kindled a little ember of The Dust Co aesthetic and inspiration, back in 2015 on an incredibly special Cycladean trip to a chosen few Greek Islands (how did we even choose?) Living in London at the time, we were fortunate enough to spend just over a week visiting three insanely beautiful island dream locations, a trip that began with a proposal in Santorini, pool-side wedding dreaming in Paros and adventuring in Mykonos (yes our honeymoon basically came before the wedding....)  

Mykonos, the white-washed paradise where you can either join the hundred-thousand bronzed tourist bodies fighting for photo-ops against the bay sunset, or head away towards lesser populated beaches.

We chose the latter, quad biking through the back-country roads of Mykonos, bikini-clad and salty hair whipping, past colossal patches of prickly pear to the back beach of Ftelia to catch a glimpse of that filtered island light at Alemagou Beach Bar. Those thatched patterns on the sun-bleached and striped linen, dried palm fronds and wind-brushed sand tones turning the open air terrace into a thousand shades of ecru. Plans for bare feet on whitewashed stone, warm wood, sand, sea-water, and repeat. A long afternoon of ice sweating in glasses, dozing over novels and taking photos of perfectly imperfect cacti growing out of the sand, before the sunset parties began.

However, rolling up to the stone signpost and grid of thatched daybeds, we discovered we’d chosen a day that was privately booked for a wedding. Peeking from afar and hopping on the hot sand, we cursed the lucky couple who had chosen this place for their wedding (I don’t blame them, dream location...) Fortunately, the entire beach was out of this world beautiful. 

Moving back to NZ from London and the proximity to incredible destinations like this is bitter-sweet, but I feel so lucky to have had the chance to see some beautiful pieces of the world and to draw inspiration from these places in my work- the motifs and palettes are always drawn from escapist destinations. 

Also- New Zealand’s beaches are world-class stunning, who wants to build a luxe beach bar? 

Zoe x