studio mood / DESERT DUST

I love a good moodboard and consider them an essential visual tool for creating, as well as being an equally important bit of studio eye-candy. My current mood-board will be updated this week- I do a large scale one monthly with mini ones in between that are more specific to what I'm working on at the time. Every one of my boards feature a combination of places, motifs, materials and a design element such as typography, illustration or both. This mood board was inspired by these slightly random ideas that tie together visually, in palette and forms.

PLACES - Ancient island stone houses X futuristic desert architecture
MOTIFS - Star dust, sea shells, and sand tones
MATERIALS - Dried beach foliage, sun-warmed metals and silks

Layering items over printed images adds a sense of tactility and texture- this board features our Brass Tassel Moon and Shell Collector Silk Scarf (and also includes an original shell sketch for this design)

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Zoe x

Zoe Horner