Sunset Suncatcher.jpg

glass sun-catchers

Our glass items are hand-made in New Zealand, using classic lead-lighting techniques and beautiful, quality glass. They are designed to be hung somewhere that catches the sun; please follow the below guidelines to keep your glass piece beautiful forever:

- They come with a cotton cord for hanging which can loop over a hook. Please be very careful when hanging and handling the metal eyelets as these are fragile. They're professionally soldered on to the lead so should stay strong but please handle with care as we'd hate them to come loose! 

- Dust occasionally with a soft, dry cloth to keep the glass gleaming.

Brass Monstera Product.jpg

brass art

Our brass pieces are crafted from solid pure 2mm thick brass sheet metal in New Zealand. Each piece is hand-sanded and hand-brushed to highlight the beautiful surface of the material. A light protective coating is applied to the front to protect the surface from fingerprints but it is a ‘living metal’ designed to age and patina naturally over time. You'll see this when comparing the front side to the back.

The brass may or may not develop a patina, it all depends on the environment in which it's placed. We recommend placing them indoors and away from humidity to slow patina. You may place them outdoors if you wish but the brass will quickly change to become a dark, rust colour (which is still beautiful but it's a personal preference!) 

Please do not wipe with cleaning products as this may effect the coating.

Each one comes with brass spacers, screws and instructions for wall mounting.