Inspired by travel, laid-back living and sun chasing, each object is designed with the beach house in mind.
Our design philosophy is based on these four pillars:



Each and every The Dust Co piece is inspired by escaping to far-flung sun traps (like back beaches on Mykonos, northern Ibiza bays, the postcard scenes of Positano, and other-wordly Marrakech to name a few!) 

holiday LIVING

Our products are ultimately designed with the beach house in mind. The place where sand creeps through the floorboards, into the shower and in between the sheets. Where 3pm gin + tonics sweat in their glasses and cheese-boards count as meals. We believe in creating a space around you that gives a sense of how you want to live. For us Sun-Chasers, it's about bringing the sense of warm-climes inside! Our materials and colour palettes all reflect back to sunlight and tones from nature, and our motifs are all inspired by exotic places. 


We are a bit texture obsessed and love working with a range of materials- with an emphasis on creating objects from beautiful, quality materials, using techniques that highlight each one's natural features. We love to use luxe elements such as brass, glass, silk, linen and paper and explore how they can be re-imagined into objects that bring a sense of warm, holiday living to wherever they're placed. We are working behind the scenes and are excited to expand our range throughout 2018 (and beyond)

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Brass Leaf Process.jpg


We also love to think about hands touching these materials so always make sure there is a handmade element to the making process. Ethical production is paramount which is why we are very proud to manufacture in New Zealand. Being locally made in NZ is not an easy task but something we strive for, we're so proud to say each The Dust Co product is made in NZ through collaborations with skilled makers. Certain processes that may have to be done overseas will only be done after exhaustive exploration within NZ and are always ethically and quality checked.